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‘A little sexier, a little happier ’

Stylish and playful, JAY TSUJIMURA creates jewelry for grown ups with a child at heart. He handcrafts every piece in the hope that it brings more happiness to them. For people who are pursuing their goals and facing the challenges, he hopes that his jewelry becomes their lucky charm and helps them achieve their dreams.

JAY TSUJIMURA is an artisan in the true sense. From the initial design to the finish, every stage of the creation is handcrafted to meticulous details. His uncompromising attitude is showcased in his pride in the craftsmanship; he believes that only by touching and feeling the materials, can perfection be accomplished.

‘Seriously Handcrafted jewelry in TOKYO’

JAY proudly furthers his creation in pursuit of his own dreams.


JAY TSUJIMURA was born in 1965 in Mie prefecture, Japan.

He started making jewelry in 1988 in London when he had a tremendous culture shock by seeing the works of avant-garde artists such as Lee Bowery and Ron Arad. He acquired traditional techniques and knowledge of historical styles through careful observation of architecture and antique markets that offered an incredible wealth of information. The inspiring culture and fashion of France, Spain, Italy and Egypt also helped him develop a unique and unconventional crossover between old and new.

In 1991 he moved to New York and established ‘J NEW YORK’ in the East Village.

Under the influence of modern art and music, his style was gradually transformed to the three dimensional, sculpture like forms.

With ‘Wild but Elegant’, his concept was defined. Keen observation and technique acquired in London were enhanced by his passion and freedom in creation; he continued to create elaborate fashion jewelries.

His client list is extensive. In USA, the quality of his works caught the eyes of many celebrities; Lenny Kravitz, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Smith, Simon Doonan and Junior Vasquez, to name but a few. His collaboration with artists and exhibitions were covered in various media, including Italian Vogue, W, and The New Yorker.

After returning to Japan in 2004, he set up a studio in Kamakura and rebranded as JAY TSUJIMURA. In 2007, a shop-studio was opened in Yanaka , and JAY TSUJIMURA TOKYO was born. Hidetoshi Nakata, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, Fumiya Fujii, Hideki Saijo and HIRO•EXILE were soon added to the ever increasing list of celebrity clients and countless magazine features are continuing.

JAY TSUJIMURA is borderless. Please feel free to contact us wherever you are, we will be happy to assist you.

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